Saturday, January 25, 2020

Home from the hospital

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I'm supposed to take it easy for a while and follow up with my gynecological oncologist in about 2 weeks. Hopefully I never have to go through this again, but because of the way the tumors are I might. #CancerSucks

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

NG tube

They unhooked my NG tube from the suction this morning and are going to leave for 8 hours to see if I have any problems with nausea. If all goes well, the tube comes out and they'll start me on clear fluids.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Still hospitalized

I'm still in the hospital. The NG tube is pulling a lot of acid from my stomach and the doctors want to wait until that drops before they start me on clear fluids. I'll probably be for at least this weekend.
The good news is that it's only a partial obstruction, so it'll probably pass on it's own. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Small bowel obstruction

Last night, I took an ambulance to the local ER because of severe abdominal pain. About an hour after I got there, I started getting worse. I was sitting in a wheelchair, waiting for a room to open up, when I started sweating and feeling nauseous. I got someone to get me a vomit bag. They finally got me a room, gave morphine for the pain & Zofran for the nausea. They took me for a CT scan which revealed that I have an obstruction of the small intestine. They gave me a NG tube to help drain everything from my stomach. Once it was hooked up to suction, I stopped throwing up. They got hold of my gynecological oncologist & he said to send me to Mercy.

I got to Mercy about 7am this morning. My gynecological oncologist wasn't here but one of his residents once. The resident told me that they're hoping it will break up on it's own (maybe with a push of steroids) in a few days. Hopefully, that's what will happen & I won't need surgery.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


I've been on Anastrozole for a couple of months now and I'm tolerating it well. I've had some heartburn which Mylanta takes of and a couple of minor infections, including an infected eyelash follicle (yes, really, an infected eyelash follicle). For the infections, I let my doctor know and he writes me a prescription for antibiotics. I'm so glad we found an antibiotic that works and that I'm not allergic to.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

New chemo

All of my incisions have healed. I did have an infected ingrown hair that had to be lanced and drained. I was on Levofloxacin(antibiotic) for a week and had to take a sitz bath at least once a day to help it drain. The good news is that I found an antibiotic that I'm not allergic to and that I can get in and out of the tub with the new bag placement.

I started on a new chemo on October 3. It's called Anastrozole. It's a 1mg tablet that I take every day. Yes, at home. 😀 I also only need to see my medical oncologist once a month. My gynecological oncologist is still every 3 months.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

New post op pics

Here's me without staples or drains.  The open area on my  lower abdomen is from where the doctor took out a few staples to encourage drainage. Now I have to clean and pack it with gauze twice a day.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Staple and drain free

Today I got all of the staples and drains out. I still have some drainage and one area that needs to be packed twice a day. I go back on the 20th for a check up.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Home again

After going back to Mercy on Saturday, I got another JP drain installed. This one is on my left side to help drain the abscesses. They kept me overnight to be safe. I got home on Tuesday afternoon and I didn't even have to take a Lyft! My sister was able to leave work early and come pick me up.

 I have to go in Monday for 2 appointments. One is to get the staples out and possibly the right JP drain as well. The second is to get the left JP drain replaced. Apparently I'll have that one for about a month and it will be changed weekly.

 Thankfully, this county has a Medical Assistance Transportation Program for those of us on Medicaid so I don't have to sweat getting the 60 miles to and from scheduled doctors appointments in Baltimore. The ones the are here in the county are much easier to get to.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Back at Mercy

Last night, I started having very severe abdominal. The pain level was about a 9, so I had Mom take to the ER. After a nearly 4 hour wait, I was finally given a room. They had done a CT while we were waiting. The CT results showed that abscesses in my abdomen. Calvert called Drs. Ryu & Gushchin. They were able to get hold of Nick(one of Gushchin's PAs) who basically said send her up. Calvert finally got transportation arranged around 1pm and the AAA Transport ambulance brought me to Mercy.